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CB Acker Associates- What We Sell- All Kinds of insurance products

all the life insurance products offered by cB acker associates insurance services

We offer all kinds of life insurance

We offer many other kinds of insurance products.  Take a look at menu of life insurance products offered and just ask us if you need help with some other insurance matter.  We've been insurance brokers since 1985, so if we can't help you, we'll be more than happy to help you find someone who can!


Here are all of the various insurance products offered by independent insurance broker CB Acker Associates:


Permanent life insurance plans--Universal life/Whole life

Insurance that can cover you for life. It's called Universal Life insurance and it provides both flexibility and financial advantages.

Disability income protection plans

A safety-net for your income earning power! Long-term disability insurance (LTD), provides coverage if you’re out of work for a long period of time. Think years or even decades.  

Long term care insurance

Long-term care insurance covers care generally not covered by health insuranceMedicare, or Medicaid

Small group benefit plans--employers under 50 employees


​​​​​​​group medical, dental, life disability, vision insurance for small growing businesses​​


Individual and family medical plans

go to our online medical insurance quote page to get instant rate for all plans available in your zip code

We are certified agents for covered california


Medicare supplement plans


When you come to CB Acker Associates you're coming to a full-service life/health insurance brokerage where your needs are put first.  We represent most major insurance companies in California for medical plans.  For term life insurance and disability insurance we are contracted in other states.  If you want us to help you in another state let us know and we'll get a non-resident license- very easily done.

For medical plans and other health benefits, we are based exclusively in California, but we do have contacts in other states and we are more than happy to refer you to another reputable broker who will put your needs ahead of his own.  That's the way we would want people to help us, so we "get it".


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