Instant Term Insurance Quotes in Palo Alto|Silicon Valley|Nationwide

The Fastest Term Insurance Quotes Palo Alto|Redwood City|Silicon Valley|Nationwide


Are you looking to protect your loved ones with cost-effective term life insurance protection? 


Are you trying to make sure that you have a strong financial safety net in place “just in case”?


Congratulations!  You’ve found MYFASTTERMQUOTES.COM!  This is where you’ll find straight forward, no nonsense term life insurance quotes instantly.

We are independent life insurance brokers in Palo Alto, California.  We are paid by the insurance company you choose to work with, not by the life insurance company where we make the highest commission.

It’s no secret that term life insurance is now a commodity.  Sure, financial ratings of the company are important, but since term life insurance claims rep

If you’re like most families and you think you might need life insurance  then this is  the best place to get free instant term insurance quotes from an independent life insurance broker in Palo Alto!

Term insurance is now a commodity and represents less than 10% of the overall life insurance claims industry-wide, so it makes sense to shop around for the most cost-effective policy today.  We know that most people will either drop their term life insurance coverage when they no longer need it, or if they are healthy, they will switch to newer less expensive policies in the future.  This is very similar to refinancing a home mortgage.

For life insurance rates in Palo Alto|California and the US, we offer a free, instant quote engine that allows you to compare term life insurance rates from just about all companies offering term life insurance in the US


Again, we are paid to represent YOU, the client, to these companies, so in essence, we work for you!  If you have a health concern, we narrow our focus to those companies who specialize in high-risk, or “sub-standard” underwriting.

We’ve been life insurance brokers in Palo Alto and the SF Bay Area since 1985 and can help just about anyone get covered quickly and easily with a minimum of hassle.

Go to the Get Fast Term Quotes side bar to the right on this page to see just how little it can cost to protect your loved ones with term life insurance protection from the best companies in the business!  

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If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.


If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.We have trusted Chris with all our insurance needs for several years. He always listens and understands our needs completely and then works hard to design a policy that best fits our needs. He is very personable and easy to work with.

Sanjeev Dharap - Architect, Entrepreneur, Technical Advisor

Expert Advice and Honesty


Chris brings expert advice and honesty to every project we work on. He gets things done in a timely manner and does an excellent job following up.

Brad Branson - Partner/Investment Adviser- Cornerstone Capital, Inc

Didn't Try To Upsell Me!


I found Chris when looking for life insurance brokers. I knew exactly what I wanted and told Chris and he was able to deliver without trying to upsell me on something else. It was very straightforward and exactly how I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in a similar scenario.

Nathan Netravali - Associate Director of Clinical Applications at Think Surgical

CB Acker Associates Is Extremely Responsive


Chris provided (and continues to provide) excellent service and support for our insurance needs. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and provides specific and efficient solutions to our insurance needs. I highly recommend Chris!

Antonio Altamirano - Founder, CEO at Tangelo
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