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We’ve been helping families and businesses create strong financial safety nets with term life insurance and other insurance and benefits since 1985.

We specialize in helping people get the best possible value for their insurance dollar. This means that we handle large volumes of term life insurance in Palo Alto,San Francisco Bay Area, or nationwide.

You are welcome to use our term insurance quote engine to get term life insurance and permanent life insurance quotes instantly.

If we’re not licensed in your state and you want us to help you, no problem!

Through the magic of the internet, non-resident licenses are issued electronically in many states, so just ask us if you like what you see here! We’re happy to help.

Life insurance comes in many flavors, so get an instant term insurance quote now!

We can handle most special risk life insurance situations.

Have breast cancer history? In the old days, you were uninsurable for at least 6 years and then you were surcharged heavily for a risk the insurance companies didn’t understand.

Not anymore! Diabetes? Depending on the kind, medications and age of onset, it could be a standard risk.

Tobacco history? The are companies who will let you smoke a moderate number of cigars per month and still get good rates!

So, if you think you can’t qualify for term life insurance and you live in Palo Alto or beyond, then think again. Take a look at term insurance rates here and email us or call us for help.

Online Life Insurance Broker In Palo Alto

Did you know that insurance rates are the same no matter where you buy your policy?

Many people think it’s easier to deal with the online brokers, when in reality, their call center environments don’t lend themselves to developing relationships with clients and families.

The turnover rate is quite high at these places, so you may very well not be able to speak to the same representative who sold you your policy.

We have over 30 years of experience and can discuss estate and tax planning and help you figure out just where this insurance makes sense. So give us a call and put us to the test! you’ll be glad you did!