Senior Citizen Life insurance – Oops! I Forgot to Buy Life Insurance

I’m a Senior Citizen and I Forgot to Buy Life Insurance!

Senior citizen life insurance, really?

We all make mistakes and in our busy daily lives, forget to attend to some of life’s most important details. Age can be a sudden reminder of what we were supposed to do.

Don’t be embarrassed…buying life insurance is something many people ignore or put off. Perfect financial planning doesn’t happen when we want it to, and we wake up one morning in a panic.

age 55 life insurance-55 is the new 35

If you’re 55 or older, you may think life insurance is out of reach. High premiums, medical exams, and pre-existing conditions are not insurmountable. There are different options for seniors like you to make life insurance possible and affordable.

So whether you have a new grandchild you want to provide for, or you’re thinking of another personal reason to buy now, there are many choices to consider.

Is it Too Late to Provide for My Family with senior citizen life insurance?


It’s no surprise that a lot of senior citizens have questions about life insurance. A top concern is that it’s too late to purchase a policy. It’s crucial to remember is that it’s never too late to consider life insurance as part of a sound financial plan. Providing for your family is too important to give up because you think you may have missed a deadline.

Life insurance protects your family’s assets from a wide range of final expenses, and you’re never too old to make sure they have the financial resources for:

  • Funeral, burial, and cremation costs
  • Outstanding debts like a reverse mortgage or a forgotten credit card
  • Unexpected medical bills not covered by Medicare or insurance

Just last year, the cost of a funeral in the U.S. was more than $11,000. Imagine leaving your loved ones without life insurance to cover those expenses and others. Bills can burden surviving spouses, children, and other family members. Before you decide it’s too late to purchase a life policy, get the facts and protect the ones you love.

senior citizen life insurance-You Can’t Plan for Everything When You’re Young

Everyone shops for insurance when they’re young. That’s the old way of buying insurance.

Mature adults like you are retiring later and living longer. Life goes on after 60 and sometimes seniors may not have expected another 20 years. They may have special financial concerns not related to survivorship, or be enjoying the best years of their lives.

There are many reasons that today’s older adults are looking at life insurance:

Newly acquired debt — whether it is a new RV purchased to travel the country or a credit card used for a few extravagant perks, a life insurance policy will ensure that your estate does not end up in the red.

Legacy planning — did you discover a new passion late in life that deserves support? Many seniors today are establishing trusts, scholarships, or other charitable contributions as an ideal way to make a lasting difference.

Disabled relatives — when a child or family members suffer a sudden and catastrophic health problem, life insurance can provide the financial security and help close the gaps left by medical bills.

We all know that life can move fast. Priorities change and plans go out the window. You’ve earned the right to change your mind and make new plans — no matter what your age.

Discuss your special needs with an insurance agent to find out how to adjust your financial planning to fit your new senior lifestyle.

Explore the Market for senior citizen life insurance

By now, you’ve probably watched enough television ads on nightly television. They promise affordable premiums and benefits supposedly tailored to meet your needs, but do they really know you or the reason you’re buying insurance?

With age comes wisdom, and it’s always better to investigate before you settle on a 1-800 number answered a thousand miles away. You waited this long to find the right policy, so there’s no need to rush into a product that won’t meet your needs. Remember, it’s never too late to take the time to find the insurance option that suits you.

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