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Term Insurance Eases More Than Financial Pain

Expect the unexpected with term life insurance

Why Do You Need Life insurance?

Term Life Insurance Can Ease the Pain of Loss


Let me restate the obvious-- term insurance eases the financial pain of the loss of a loved one.  It's that simple.  People buy life insurance because either they love someone or they owe someone.

It's that simple. All other reasons families buy life insurance are simply a variation of those two themes.  It doesn't matter if it's term insurance, whole life, universal life, or whatever flavor comes next.  

Life insurance is an emotional topic no matter how you slice it.

So, what is it for you?  Do you love your family and want to protect them for the unexpected loss of mom or dad?  Or perhaps you own a business and the bank is telling you that you need to buy life insurance in order to secure the loan for your business.  Pretty simple really. 

So if the reasons for buying life insurance, either term insurance or permanent insurance, are so simple, why don't people just do the right thing and go online, get term insurance quotes, and apply right on the spot?

I think it's because most people, even bright well-educated folks here in the SF Bay Area or nationwide, really don't think that they are going to die!  

I mean, really, I'm 35 years old, fit as a fiddle, and workout at least 5 days a week.  What could happen to me?  Or my wife for that matter?  Really, ok, think about this 41 year old father who went out for a jog last month and never come back.  Read here--Menlo Park dad killed while jogging December 2015 Accidents really do happen and not just to new parents either.

Consider my kids' summer camp director in Plumas County, CA which is near Mount Lassen.  She had no reason to believe that she would meet an untimely demise, and it was extremely tragic.  Lauren was loved by all who knew her.  She had run the summer camp her parents started in the '60's since she graduated from college in the '80's.  This was and is a true family business.  When she contacted me to help her with her insurance, she wanted to make sure her daughter would not be saddled with debt for the business. She's been taken care of because Lauren loved her daughter enough to protect her from debt.  Now her daughter can run the business without worrying about money as much as should would without the extra benefit.  You can read about the case here-- Tragic murder of summer camp owner.

So why, again, do we persist in thinking that these kinds of things can't happen to us?  We live in a complete bubble in the SF Bay Area. We don't live in a war zone, most of us reading this live a decent life without danger which we take for granted, BUT, we are mostly all ACTIVE people.  People who drive to work risk their lives every day and don't think about it.  People who jog on the street and cycle on the back roads are all vulnerable and oblivious.  Think about the last time a car cut in front of you because they didn't see you and you'll understand what I mean.

Younger to middle aged parents get sick, too.  Cancer at an early age is a reality.  I'm working with a physician whose wife, also a doc, has serious cancer and is undergoing major treatment.  She's 37 and has two young kids.  Not fun to think about but very real, indeed. Why don't we take care of our life insurance needs when we think about it, right then and there?  Easy, we don't have any accountability!  Well, I'm an insurance broker and I am your accountability!  Listen to my words- "take the first step and see how inexpensive it is to do the right thing and buy the term life insurance you need!"  There, that wasn't so bad!  So if you are reading this, which I hope you are, please just go to the button on the right-hand side of this page and get your personalized term insurance quotes. 

You'll be surprised how cheap it is to protect your family with term life insurance. Please take the first step and start with a quote.  It is ABSOLUTELY FREE and FAST!

Truly, you will thank me after you take care of this issue and cross it off your To Do list. Go NOW and get the term insurance quotes!


Can Life Insurance Companies Really Tell How Healthy You Are By Looking At a Selfie of you?

Will Bio-Metrics Make Term insurance premiums increase?

  ​​​​​​​There's been a lot of traffic about life insurance carriers possibly using a photo of you to initially assess your health for rate class purposes.  I first saw this on Facebook in early April.  Since then, major news sources have quoted this article and it's gone viral.  I've pasted it below.   The use of bio-metric information for initial screening is vital for the insurance company.  They must assess, or "underwrite" each applicant for a policy in order to determine the appropriate rate class.  Just how far they go to do this has been the subject of debate in professional circles recently.  With the advent of genetic testing for the masses such as 23andme and others makes me wonder if the insurance companies will be willing to break the bio-ethics barrier and use family genetics to further screen in order to clean up their books of business and cherry-pick their risks more than they do already. Don't get me wrong, life insurance companies need health screens, but they also need to balance any profit motive with a societal benefit.  Life insurance is a VITAL CORNERSTONE of any financial plan.  I believe that further restricting access to affordable policies is not in the best interest of the consumer.  Life expectancy is increasing and as that happens, insurers are able to stretch out the years of premium payments on policies, so premium actually get CHEAPER over the years.  If the industry incorporates genetic testing or "selfie" assessments or whatever, then their applicant pools could end up shrinking which would cause premiums to increase.  Life insurance experience, after all, is based on "the law of large numbers" which helps actuaries predict future claims experience.  Let's make sure that we keep the applicant pools as large as possible by NOT using selfies and genetic testing. As always, I welcome your comments on this issue or any other financial matter.  Please share this content with anyone you care about, and by all means, use our term life insurance quote engine to see how inexpensive it is to protect those you love!  Thanks for reading and the article is below:  

Be Careful With Those Selfies on Social Media!


Selfies have become exceptionally commonplace, but these self-portraits may soon have an impact on life insurance premiums. In fact, as facial recognition and analysis technology continues to improve, it may one day determine whether or not someone even qualifies for a policy.

The various details picked up by a selfie, such as drooping skin, fine lines and wrinkles, contours and even dark spots can be indicators of aging. When combined with other data, it may help insurers to calculate life insurance premiums or even whether or not they want to cover someone at all.

Lapetus Solutions co-founder and chief data scientist, Karl Ricanek Jr. explained that “Your face is something you wear all your life, and it tells a very unique story about you.” Data about your face can be viewed and potentially collected and analyzed to learn about a person’s present wellness as well as how it is maintained over time.

As a result, several insurers are testing technology to use selfies to affect life insurance premiums.

These life insurance companies are looking into the way Lapetus technology can use data combined with facial analytics to estimate a person’s life expectancy, said Ricanek. At the time this article was written, Ricanek declined to reveal the names of the insurance companies testing the Lapetus technology products. Life expectancy estimates are a vital component of insurer decision making in terms of approval and pricing determinations. Chronos, the Lapetus product, would make it possible for a consumer to purchase life insurance without having to undergo a medical examination, said Ricanek. Insurance providers already use a range of other forms of information – with the consumer’s permission – in order to create a more complete picture of their life expectancy. This goes well beyond the information provided within the initial application form. For instance, life insurance premiums can also be based on data from motor vehicle records, insurance industry database reports and prescription drug history. Selfies would only be the latest addition to the mix.        

Will insurance companies use selfies