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You’re 50 and Love to Take Risks and Now You Need Life Insurance…

You’re 50 and Love to Take Risks and Now You Need Life Insurance


By fifty, most people have matured. They’ve spent a good portion of their life gathering valuable experience and knowledge. Then there are those who still love to have fun and are so busy enjoying themselves that they forgot a few important details…like life insurance.

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Why Am I High Risk For Life Insurance? I Just SCUBA A Little

High-Risk Life Insurance Companies


Because we all take occasional risks, there are high risk life insurance companies who specialize in "outside the box" life insurance.  

But while everyone is known to have a bad habit or two, there are some people who enjoy hobbies that others consider ‘extreme.’ Life is a matter of personal choices. 

Unfortunately, when you’re shopping for life insurance, bad habits and hobbies are likely to be judged along with your health.


Life insurance companies consider some habits, hobbies, or health issues ‘high risk.’ If you’ve done something or have been placed in a high-risk category, finding affordable coverage can be difficult. However, it’s not impossible to meet your financial goals and provide your loved ones with comfort and security when you work with a high-risk insurer. Working with an agent experienced with the market and high-risk insurance companies is the best way to find policies and rates that fit your lifestyle.



I’m Healthy! Why Am I High Risk for term insurance?


Some people are surprised to learn that life insurance carriers have classified them as high risk. Their adventurous and enthusiastic YOLO lifestyle is one that insurers are not so happy about insuring. If you seek inspiration for your bucket lists from extreme sports and travel magazines, you may have to rely on a high-risk insurer for your life insurance.


Some not-so-common activities that may send you shopping for life insurance with a high-risk carrier include:


●       Scuba diving

●       Hang gliding

●       Skiing

●       Racing

●       Bungee jumping

●       Hot-air ballooning

●       Cigar and cigarette smoking


Other applicants naturally fall into the high-risk classification based on health issues. Underwriters may classify people with chronic diagnoses like kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or various cancers as high risk and send them to a high-risk company.


Once you know why you are a high-risk candidate, it’s easier to understand the market and shop for a life insurance policy with the help of a qualified and knowledgeable agent.



A life insurance application Denial Does Not Always Mean No


High-risk insurance companies are in business because other companies say no. However, they also deny applications. If you are denied, there are still avenues to pursue when you are a high-risk candidate.


Most life insurance consumers do not know that you can appeal a denial when you believe the underwriter may not have had all the facts or gave you a poorer than expected rating. Perhaps there was a change in circumstances that the company did not fully appreciate or investigate, or maybe you forgot to include certain mitigating factors when you made your initial application.


In any event, if you are denied, be sure the denial is accurate before moving on to other options. Appeals cannot be filed simply because you are unhappy with the insurance company’s rejection, so be sure to discuss an appeal with your agent first.



Specialty term life Insurers Provide Options


Whether you are classified as a health risk or a risk taker, specialty high-risk insurers may be your best option when buying a life insurance policy. Providing your agent with all the facts and details of both your health and your lifestyle will allow him to locate the best available market for your needs.


The worst thing to do when shopping for high-risk life insurance is to assume that you’re not eligible. The longer you wait to make your application and purchase, the more difficulties you are likely to encounter, so don’t delay and talk to an agent who knows the high-risk market today.

high risk life insurance companies

2018– Hacks For Life Insurance For People With Health Problems!

I’ve Got Health Problems…Big Deal!  Well, it is if you think you need life insurance!

Sometimes, health issues creep up on us no matter what we do to prevent them. Life plays cruel jokes on the people who eat right, exercise, and live a clean life — none of which can override fate and our genetic code. Sometimes the healthiest people end up with the most problems while the 85-year-old next door sits on her porch smoking, drinking, and laughing, all while using oxygen and wearing diapers for incontinence!

If you’re one of those people who avoids excess, eats right, and lives healthy, only to develop health problems, finding life insurance can be a struggle. Working with a seasoned agent/broker will make it easier to find a policy to suit your financial goals and give you and your family peace of mind.

Are You Serious? my term insurance application was declined for a Hangnail!

A blister on your big toe is not the kind of injury or health issue a life insurance company is concerned about rating. Instead, most companies have a long list of pre-existing and chronic conditions that raise red flags…and insurance rates. Many everyday health issues do not affect how you live your life, but they may affect how much you pay for insurance.

Insurance underwriters will sift through your health history so they can screen for the major risks like heart and kidney disease, certain kinds of cancer, and high-blood pressure. However, people live with a variety of other more common health problems, injuries, and illnesses that may result in higher premiums:

  • Obesity
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatitis C
  • Broken bones
  • Surgeries

It’s important for term insurance buyers to know their medical history when shopping for life insurance. Providing a comprehensive health picture may be the difference between an affordable rate and a denial when you have health problems.

If you’re able to provide mitigating facts — like regular treatments, working out, dieting, or even the intent of healthy New Year’s resolutions — that will help control your medical issue, AND it can make a difference in the outcome of your application.

Be prepared to clarify any injuries or past health problems. For instance, if you’ve had a surgery to correct an issue or on-going problem, be sure to provide how long ago, results, and improvements. Involve your doctor if necessary to ensure that the insurer has a complete understanding of your unique health situation.

Healthy Ups and Downs

Life tosses us a curveball when we least expect it. Your health is no different and it can change from one day to the next — for better and, unfortunately, worse. When faced with a new health problem, or saying goodbye to an old one, our health  changes the way your life insurance company sees you.

People with health problems may not always get better, but their conditions can improve. When they receive treatment and have a plan to overcome their ailments, it makes a difference in their quality of life and ability to avoid complications.

If you’ve applied for a life insurance policy and have a questionable health history, demonstrate to the company that your problem has stabilized and that you’re healthy. Show them what steps you’re taking to control the problem and that you have a wellness plan.  Your life insurance broker will also write a strong COVER LETTER to paint as clear a picture to the underwriter as possible.  That’s her job and if she’s not willing or able to provide this important service, FIND A NEW BROKER!

Your health is your greatest asset. Protect it and your family’s financial future and comfort by being a knowledgeable consumer. Buying life insurance when you are young and healthy is the best option, but who does that anymore?  When that’s no longer possible, know that an experienced agent can find alternatives that meet your individual circumstances.

i've got health problems for life insurance big deal!

If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.

If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.

We have trusted Chris with all our insurance needs for several years. He always listens and understands our needs completely and then works hard to design a policy that best fits our needs. He is very personable and easy to work with.

Sanjeev Dharap Architect, Entrepreneur, Technical Advisor

Expert Advice and Honesty

Chris brings expert advice and honesty to every project we work on. He gets things done in a timely manner and does an excellent job following up.

Brad Branson Partner/Investment Adviser- Cornerstone Capital, Inc

Didn't Try To Upsell Me!

I found Chris when looking for life insurance brokers. I knew exactly what I wanted and told Chris and he was able to deliver without trying to upsell me on something else. It was very straightforward and exactly how I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in a similar scenario.

Nathan Netravali Associate Director of Clinical Applications at Think Surgical

CB Acker Associates Is Extremely Responsive

Chris provided (and continues to provide) excellent service and support for our insurance needs. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and provides specific and efficient solutions to our insurance needs. I highly recommend Chris!

Antonio Altamirano Founder, CEO at Tangelo