Types of Term Life Insurance Policies

How You Get Covered Using Term Life Insurance With MYFASSTERMQUOTES.COM

Ok, so you've decided that you want to do the "right thing" and protect your family with some sort of term life insurance. 

Good decision!  That's the first step in the financial planning process.  Term life insurance provides an amazingly simple, yet highly cost-effective financial safety net that just about anyone can get, assuming decent health.

These days you don't need to be a marathon runner to get a quality term insurance policy, either.  Make sure you find a good life insurance broker with lots of experience helping people find the right products.

Okay, so why do I use the word "scandalous" in the intro to this page?  Well, years ago, life insurance only came in two flavors, whole life and annually renewable term insurance or ART as it was known.  That's it!  Whole life goes beyond this discussion, but just know that with this type of policy, premiums start out high, but they never increase and you can keep the policy for your "whole life". Get it?

Thirty years ago, one insurance company had the smart idea to understand that many people wanted to keep term insurance policies on the books for longer than just a few years.

So, some smart home office actuary realized that if they simply averaged out the premiums on an ART policy(remember that term?) over five years it offered consumers a better deal and they were more likely to keep the policy and renew beyond the initial level payment period.  

More and more people who bought life insurance around here, in Palo Alto and the Bay Area liked this idea and bought large amounts of this type of insurance.  After a decade or so of shorter duration level premium term life insurance policies, companies began offering longer lock-in premium periods.  Fast forward to day, we have almost any duration a consumer could want, hence the term "modern" policies.

if you want to see how inexpensive term life insurance can be, just get a quote on the right side of this page.  it's fast and easy!

Types of Life Insurance

If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.

If you need an insurance professional who knows the industry, listens to your needs and works hard for you, Chris is your man.

We have trusted Chris with all our insurance needs for several years. He always listens and understands our needs completely and then works hard to design a policy that best fits our needs. He is very personable and easy to work with.

Sanjeev Dharap Architect, Entrepreneur, Technical Advisor

Expert Advice and Honesty

Chris brings expert advice and honesty to every project we work on. He gets things done in a timely manner and does an excellent job following up.

Brad Branson Partner/Investment Adviser- Cornerstone Capital, Inc

Didn't Try To Upsell Me!

I found Chris when looking for life insurance brokers. I knew exactly what I wanted and told Chris and he was able to deliver without trying to upsell me on something else. It was very straightforward and exactly how I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in a similar scenario.

Nathan Netravali Associate Director of Clinical Applications at Think Surgical

CB Acker Associates Is Extremely Responsive

Chris provided (and continues to provide) excellent service and support for our insurance needs. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and provides specific and efficient solutions to our insurance needs. I highly recommend Chris!

Antonio Altamirano Founder, CEO at Tangelo
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