Forget College! How to Afford the Cost of Child Care[2019]

Cost of childcare The annual cost topping nearly $10,000, working families are shelling out more than ever for the cost of care. Plus, families paying for a nanny service can easily double or triple those numbers. According to MarketWatch, child care costs are roughly double what one year’s worth

Parents-How To Budget for Extracurricular Activities [and Not Go Broke!]

Knowing how to budget for extracurricular activities can be tricky. Those art lessons cost a TON of dough, and little kid gymnastics for birthday parties, well they're over the top... And face it, it’s a lifelong challenge. From high school all the way through the college admissions process, money

Why Crowdfunding a Funeral Is a Bad Idea[Do This Instead]

Crowdfunding a funeral Turning to the public for financial support is not a new idea. People have been doing it for years. In fact, some have started businesses, launched artistic careers, and funded medical procedures on the dime of public supporters. Often times it’s a win/win situation—givers relish in

Major Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid In [2019]

Making These Life Insurance Errors Can Cause Huge Problems For You And Your Heirs A life insurance death benefit provides the ultimate safety-net for families who have not accumulated significant enough assets to "self-insure." However, simple life insurance mistake can cause potentially huge problems down the road. By having

5 Solid Money-Saving Tips For The Savvy Single Mom

Money-Saving Tips Savvy single moms juggle it all-student loan debt, chidcare, household finances, so you need all the money-saving tips you can find! If you’re like most single moms, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. After all, few endeavors in life are more difficult (or

Can You Buy Life Insurance On Someone Else Without Them Knowing? 7 Problems

Can You Get A Life Insurance Policy On Someone Without Them Knowing To protect people you love, you may think of getting a life insurance policy on them. So, can you get a life insurance policy on someone without them knowing? Even though you may want to have it