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Chris Acker, CLU, ChFC
CPAP Compliance for Insurance: How to WIN the Best Insurance Rates!
Landing yourself a great term insurance rate can seem like a monster of a job. For many, the search becomes[...]
7 MORE Steps Women With Sleep Apnea Can Take To Get Awesome Term Insurance!
Did You Know That Women Living With Sleep Apnea Have Higher Mortality Rates Than Men Do?Medical professionals and sleep researchers[...]
I’m a Senior Citizen and I Forgot to Buy Life Insurance In 2017!
Have you retired and realized that you don’t have the life insurance coverage you want or need?We all make mistakes[...]
Don’t Get Duped By Online Life Insurance Quotes!
The Way to make sure that you don't fall for one of those online term insurance quote scams   you[...]
Sleep Apnea Life Insurance For Women-7 Steps To Take NOW To Get The Best Rates!
want to wake up knowing you have the best sleep apnea life insurance rates?   My Name Is Chris Acker,[...]
Insurance Issues College Kids Need To Know
insurance for College StudentsInsurance for college kids is probably the last thing parents want to think about ...Saying the last[...]
Buyer’s Resource Guide To Sleep Apnea Life Insurance PLUS Action Steps!
the 2018 complete guide to sleep apnea life insurance if you suffer from OSA (By a life insurance broker who[...]
Group Term Insurance Vs Individual Term Insurance- Not The Best Choice
  Relying on group term life insurance vs individual term life insurance is a huge mistake   ​employer provided life[...]
Life Insurance At Age 50-Not Difficult! Might Be If You Like To Parachute [Or Other Crazy Stuff]
You’re 50 and Love to Take Risks and Now You Need Life Insurance   By fifty, most people have matured.[...]
High Risk Life Insurance Companies-Best In Class
High-Risk Life Insurance Companies Because we all take occasional risks, there are high risk life insurance companies who specialize in "outside[...]
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