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Chris Acker, CLU, ChFC
Don’t Get Duped By Online Life Insurance Quotes!
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Insurance Issues College Kids Need To Know
insurance for College Students Insurance for college kids is probably the last thing parents want to think about ...Saying the[...]
Buyer’s Resource Guide To Sleep Apnea Life Insurance
THE 2018 COMPLETE GUIDE TO LIFE INSURANCE IF YOU SUFFER FROM SLEEP APNEA--by a life insurance broker who suffers from[...]
Group Term Life Insurance
  Relying on group term life insurance vs individual term life insurance is a huge mistake   ​employer provided life[...]
You’re 50 and Love to Take Risks and Now You Need Life Insurance…
You’re 50 and Love to Take Risks and Now You Need Life Insurance   By fifty, most people have matured.[...]
Why Am I High Risk For Life Insurance? I Just SCUBA A Little
High-Risk Life Insurance Companies Because we all take occasional risks, there are high risk life insurance companies who specialize in "outside[...]
Do You Know What To Do When Someone Dies? Read This Guide
​We all think we’ll be here forever, then one day there’s an accident or a diagnosis that changes everything in[...]
Life Insurance For Women– It’s Not Just About A Stay At Home Spouse
Women Need Life Insurance Just As Much As Men Both men and women need life insurance, but traditionally, far more[...]
2018– Hacks For Life Insurance For People With Health Problems!
I’ve Got Health Problems…Big Deal!  Well, it is if you think you need life insurance! Sometimes, health issues creep up[...]
Smart Insurance Resolutions for 2018
2018 Resolutions-The New Year Is Always A Good Time To Review Your Life Insurance Plans   I came across this article[...]

Expert Advice and Honesty

Chris brings expert advice and honesty to every project we work on. He gets things done in a timely manner and does an excellent job following up.

Brad Branson Partner/Investment Adviser- Cornerstone Capital, Inc

Didn't Try To Upsell Me!

I found Chris when looking for life insurance brokers. I knew exactly what I wanted and told Chris and he was able to deliver without trying to upsell me on something else. It was very straightforward and exactly how I hoped it would be. I would definitely recommend him for anyone in a similar scenario.

Nathan Netravali Associate Director of Clinical Applications at Think Surgical

CB Acker Associates Is Extremely Responsive

Chris provided (and continues to provide) excellent service and support for our insurance needs. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and provides specific and efficient solutions to our insurance needs. I highly recommend Chris!

Antonio Altamirano Founder, CEO at Tangelo

Chris is the consummate professional. He is personable, knowledgeable and is incredibly ethical. A great person to work with.

Donna Goldstein VP, Global HR Services at Citrix

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