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We Are Independent Individual And Business Insurance Brokers Near San Francisco

Are you looking for truly independent life and health insurance broker near San Francisco?

In today’s online environment, we understand that there are many product “vendors” who will sell you an insurance policy.

Most of those vendors ( we use this word because these firms are typically tech companies first, insurance brokers second) well will sell you a policy,but either they won’t spend time with you to answer questions and discuss your specific situation, or their online business model simply won’t permit you to speak with a live person.

We’re A Different San Francisco Area Insurance Agency

We’re different from the venture funded tech start-ups who happen to sell life insurance policies to the masses!

While we certainly offer full online quoting and application capabilities, life insurance calculators and other fancy, modern “techie” stuff to help you get the life or health insurance you need to protect what’s important to you, we are also a full service brick and mortar life insurance brokerage.

Our business model embraces the core value of professional service and and sophisticated life insurance planning.

BUT we also have evolving electronic capabilities such as our robust life insurance quote engine which features state-of-the art instant term life quotes and full CRM and analytics.

These capabilities form the backbone of any modern life insurance agency.

Couple this technology with 33+ year of experience and you get the best of both worlds.

We’re Not The Largest Insurance Brokers In San Francisco…Just One Of The Best!

Bigger is not always better and we recognize this fact!

We know that our sweet spot is helping individuals, families, and small businesses protect what’s important to them.

This might involve term life insurance, group medical plans, disability insurance, or even long term care insurance.

We often are involved in estate tax planning and funding using the most modern survivor life policies for ultra high net worth clients.

Try to get this kind of product and expertise from Ladder Life, Haven Life, Policy Genius or HealthIQ and you’ll leave them scratching their call-center heads!

We’re Also Health Insurance Brokers In San Francisco

With full implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, health insurance commissions have decreased by over 90%.

Health insurance carriers must pay out 80% of their premiums in claims or face mandatory rebates.

This is known as the “medical loss ratio” or MLR. The first expense to be cut was agent compensation.

My colleague, Kevin Knauss has been extremely vocal about this on his blog.

These compensation cuts make it much less affordable for agents to help families with their medical plans in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Many agents simply won’t sell medical insurance because commission rates are typically less than 2% of the premium.

Most agents are unwilling to continue selling and servicing individual and family plans, or IFP’s.

Get Your Instant Medical Insurance Quotes Here

We Are Committed To Health Insurance In Local San Francisco Bay Area Markets!

We made a commitment to our clients that we would remain in the health plan market and we would continue to offer top quality medical insurance!

We can do this because we have fully functional online medical insurance quoting and application capabilities and you can go to our quote page to play with numbers to see how easy it is to check your existing medical plan premiums against the market.

Also, our medical plan quote system makes it easy to compare your COBRA rate to a family health plan.