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we have helped TONS of consumers with life insurance after hep c cure

The truth is, most insurance companies decline Hep C altogether. For us, as your broker, finding the best policy can be a pretty complex process. However, our 32+ years of “impaired risk” specialization means that we pretty much have seen it all!

Let’s make sure you understand some important things about your Hep-C illness…

Here are some things we need to know about your Hep C in order to help you get the term insurance you need

1. Just how much damage has the liver incurred.

2. Is the Hep C in remission.

3.Date of diagnosis

4.What are your most current liver function results? (In the event you don’t understand them, are they under control?)

5. Any current medications, such as Interferon or Ribavirin. If so, the dose and frequency?

6.Do you use alcohol? (type, frequency, amount)

7. How often does your doctor monitor your liver functions? (Yearly, semiannually etc.)

8. What studies were done to diagnose/treat the problem? (normal, unusual)

9. Any other underlying health problems?

The best life insurance rates are offered to people who have exhibited sustained remission with no or little damage of the liver.

For those whose Hepatitis C demonstrates mild liver damage and mild symptoms, you’ll be classified as an “impaired risk” or “special risk” – but still insurable! A liver biopsy in the past five years would be favorable, although it is not needed to procure life insurance.

It’s imperative that, when contacting a life insurance broker, you have all of the facts. If you speak with a broker who tries to sell you on a different approach when your HEP-C condition is disclosed, you should call another broker who can help you with a fully-underwritten policy. There’s no reason not to ask if you can get “regular” life insurance instead of a limited benefit policy.

Hepatitis C isn’t the only medical history issue the insurance provider will be concerned with when you submit an application for life insurance.

The life insurance company will also want to know kind of shape you’re in before they accept your application for term insurance and to understand your complete medical history. When you finish the paperwork for the specific insurance policy, the company will require you to be evaluated medically, at their expense. This involves a “para-medical” exam (if you don’t pick a no examination coverage). Besides your Hep. C analysis, the firm will look at age, heart-rate, cholesterol, blood pressure, and your weight, plus a drug screen and protein/kidney function via urinalysis. The results from your insurance exam will play an major role in the likelihood of being qualified for coverage and just how much your premium will be.

There are many methods that one may do so, in the event you’d like to get better rates out of your life insurance company, however among the top methods would be to enhance your quality of life by means of an eating plan and receiving regular exercise. The two of these can possess your insurance premiums along with an enormous effect on your own quality of life.

Furthermore, in the event that you’d like to get lower insurance rates, you can better your wellbeing by removing any tobacco which you now use. Smokers will pay twice as much when compared to a nonsmoker. Stopping the smokes will cut your premiums.

Life Insurance with Hepatitis C -Get —“Preliminary Offers”

A preliminary offer means so long as you were true and detailed and the life-insurance company does not find anything else, this is the rate that they would offer. When we know there’s a medical issue, we ALWAYS research preliminary offers first. No one wants to be put through a battery of medical tests before she has an idea of a probable outcome. And that’s our job as your broker!

I’d estimate that only 5% of brokers are doing this for their customers. Why? Because is takes lots of time upfront and most captive agents or brokers are not willing to do this work on behalf of a possible client. We ARE and DO this everyday!

The Importance of a Cover Letter when submitting an application for life insurance

A cover letter is attached to a life insurance application and sent to an underwriter and paints an important picture of your medical condition and history.

It supplies a human component to an application, as opposed to lab slip and medical records to the underwriter. It is been EXTREMELY helpful in obtaining favorable underwriting outcomes. The cover letter represents the broker’s opinion of the risk. This is called field underwriting and it’s a vital part of the process because the broker is the eyes and ears of the insurance carrier. The more information we can submit with your life insurance application, the better the picture we can present. It’s your chance to explain any mitigating factors to the home office underwriter who makes the ultimate decision.

Our expertise in underwriting Hepatitis C with over 40 life insurance insurance companies coupled with our relationships sets us on the leading edge of Hepatitis C underwriting.

If you have been in the market for life insurance and have Hepatitis C, we are going to assist you to find the least expensive term life insurance policy available to you ANYWHERE.

We would love to answer your inquiries and make certain that you’ve got the best possible coverage to meet your needs and to AFFORDABLY protect the ones you love.