How to Help Your Family as a Stay-at-Home Parent

the stay-at-home-parent Plenty of people will offer advice on how to support your family as a stay-at-home parent. Some will insist that you get a side hustle to help your family’s financial future. Others will offer encouragement by reminding you that being a stay-at-home parent is job enough. Here’s

Parents-How To Budget for Extracurricular Activities [and Not Go Broke!]

Knowing how to budget for extracurricular activities can be tricky. Those art lessons cost a TON of dough, and little kid gymnastics for birthday parties, well they're over the top... And face it, it’s a lifelong challenge. From high school all the way through the college admissions process, money

Major Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid In [2019]

Making These Life Insurance Errors Can Cause Huge Problems For You And Your Heirs A life insurance death benefit provides the ultimate safety-net for families who have not accumulated significant enough assets to "self-insure." However, simple life insurance mistake can cause potentially huge problems down the road. By having